Easter Decorations

New Moms Decorate and Celebrate Easter

Decorating for Easter can be such fun for babies and toddlers, but in many ways, it can be just as much fun for new moms. However, be safe and examine fabrics, paint supplies and small toys before using them. Now, let’s get on with the merriment, shall we?Fireplace Garland Goodness

The Christmas season shouldn’t be the only time your fireplace mantle receives attention. Decorate it with festive eggs and carrots! It’s a safe, easy way for your toddler to develop their motor skills; they made it with their own little hands! Likewise, much like a crib mobile, your baby will stare at it for hours. Here’s what you’ll need:

• Scissors
• Crayons
• Tape or Glue
• Measuring Tape
• String or Ribbon
• Carrot, Stem and Egg Templates (drawn or printed from the Internet)


1) Color your carrots, stems and eggs
2) Cut out your eggs, carrots and stems
3) Tape or glue your carrot stems together
4) Measure the length of your mantle
5) At various lengths, cut several string pieces
6) Tape or glue your strings to the backside of the eggs and carrots
7) Tape both ends of the strings to the mantle

Toddler Table Talk

For centuries, the Easter Egg Tree has been the perfect centerpiece for any table. Not only does it add tradition, vibrancy and color, it’s a safe way for you and your children to decorate the dining table for all who share the holiday with your family. If you’ve never made a tree centerpiece before, well, it’s time to branch out. Head out into the yard and choose a branch with small shoots; birch branches typically work best. You’ll need:

• Ribbon
• Colored Yarn
• Craft Glue
• Tiny Pompoms
• Plastic Eggs
• A Vase with Floral Foam


Apply craft glue from the top to the bottom of the tree; and then circle the yarn around it. Do the same to its branches, adding extra glue as needed. To complement your yarn strips, glue the pompoms and ribbons to them for a whimsical “pop.”

Put the foam in the bottom of the vase and stick your Easter Egg Tree in the middle. You may want to shred glitter-encrusted paper around the bottom and sides to hide the foam. Tie the ribbon around the vase. Expect a mess, but you will all have a blast.

To add to your centerpiece, help your baby load up a basket with plastic eggs and place a stuffed bunny in the basket.

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