Common Childhood Injuries

Common Childhood Injuries

As a new parent, you are going to hear too much about every terrible thing that could happen to your child. The fact is, no matter how attentive a parent you are, no matter how thoroughly you have baby proofed your home, accidents happen. Each and every injury we describe below has happened to all of us at some point. As you prepare to protect your child from these disasters, expect the best and prepare for the worst. With the proper precautions and constant supervision, your child will be no worse for wear.

Burns and Precautions

Heat is apart of our daily lives. Between baths, space heaters and stoves burns aren’t only likely, their practically inevitable. There are simple, daily precautions you can take to avoid childhood burns. First of all, make sure the temperature of all water you expose your child too is only one hundred degrees fahrenheit. You can make sure the temperature doesn’t go any higher by setting the thermostat on your hot water heater under one hundred twenty degrees fahrenheit. Consistently reinforce that the stove and fireplace are off limits. If you use irons or humidifiers, unplug the irons as soon as you are done and choose cool-water humidifiers.

Chemicals and Poisons

Any parent who has pried dog food or grass out of their child’s hand knows that children experience the world by touching and tasting. It isn’t so surprising that poison is a common childhood injury. The best way to avoid your child snacking on anything harmful is to simply keep it away from them. Put anything you don’t want going in their mouth out of reach. Do your research ahead of time and see what chemicals are inside any products you use. Even some cleaning materials may be too harsh for your child to interact with. Explore natural alternatives to protect your child and the environment.

Water and Drowning

Tragically, drowning is the number one cause of death among children. Children can be lost in the pool, bodies of water, the bathtub, the toilet, even buckets. What makes these passings so tragic is that they could have been avoided. Products can be bought for bath time safety. Floatation devices can be used any time your child visits the pool or beach. While your child is potty training, give them their own personal potty perfect for their height then graduate to the big toilet as they grow more comfortable with the process. No matter what you buy to protect your child, make sure you are always there watching to make sure they stay safe.

There are dangers all around us and as a new parent, you might feel hyper aware of your responsibility to protect your child from these dangers. There have been tons of advancements in technology to guard children from everyday injuries but when all is said and done, you are the more effective tool in keeping your child out of harm. No matter what, keep an eye on your child. Your supervision is the difference between an accident and a tragedy.

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