Choosing the Right Infant Backpack Carrier

Infant Backpack Carrier

Transporting a baby from place to place is a major ordeal that has become a booming business. The stroller is not enough and won’t allow you to travel over rough terrain. Using a backpack carrier will allow you to travel to more places easier and will allow you to have both hands free to use. With all the bells and whistles available with each carrier it is almost like picking a college when choosing the right infant backpack carrier. Here are a few tips that may help you pick out the perfect backpack carrier for you and your baby.

What do you need?

First things first and knowing your purpose will save a lot of time. What do you need it for? How will you be using it, and what do you need it to have on it? Where will you be traveling? Ask yourself these questions and that will be half the battle. Not only should your baby be comfortable in it, but you have to be comfortable carrying it on your back. Having gadgets that you don’t need weighing you down will only make the backpack heavier to carry.

What to look for

Your baby should be able to sit up on their own before they can sit in a backpack of this nature, so they should be at least 5 to 6 months old. Check for weight limits and size. Your comfort is very important, so try on the backpack before you buy it, and adjust it so that your hips and legs take most of the weight instead of solely your back. Make sure that the frame is not sticking you in places that will cause pain down the road.

Check the restraint system that will hold the baby in. Make sure that it is safe and the baby won’t slip out. It should have a five-point harness with a waist belt, and straps securing the shoulders and crotch.

Look for an adjustable seat which will allow for baby’s growth. You will be able to use it for a much longer time period.

You may need a canopy for the sun, a rain cover, pockets for storage, and loops for attaching things like toys. If you need a special pocket for your cell phone, diapers and bottle, make sure that the backpack will accommodate all of that. This backpack can serve as your stroller and diaper bag, so make sure that it has everything you need on it.


Infant backpacks come in many sizes and shapes for all kinds of different travel needs. From camping to walking in a mall, there is one that will fit your lifestyle and budget.  Before you take a trip out with your backpack, practice taking it off and putting it on with the baby inside. This will show you just how difficult it will be when you are out and about. You will know how to make the adjustments in advance.

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