Twins…Double Everything?

You’ve just heard the big news…there are two babies on the way, instead of one! You’re probably caught up in a whirlwind of emotions right now, over the top with excitement, feeling a little anxiety, and overwhelmed at the fact that your responsibilities as a new parent have doubled! Once the dust settles and your heart stops beating so fast, start taking a methodical approach to everything you need. Think about the adjustments you’ll have to make to be ready for two new additions to the household.

When it comes to consumables, buy two…and more!

You won’t believe how quickly you are going to go through those diapers and wipes! Start stockpiling supplies early on. The expenses are really going to add up once your babies are here. While you are waiting, pick up supplies and start storing them in the nursery. Each week when you go shopping, grab a container of baby wipes and a package of diapers. It won’t hurt your wallet as much when it is a little at a time and you’ll have a great start come arrival day! You can also grab extra baby shampoo, lotion, and baby bottles as well.

Get ready to check out baby furniture!

If you had a crib on your baby shower registry, it’s time for doubles. You will most likely want a matching set. However, you may also want to establish separate identities for your twins from the beginning, recognizing their individuality. Having two bassinets can be extremely helpful as well. When your babies first come home, you’ll probably want them with you until you are comfortable with leaving them in the crib. That will also make it easier when Daddy has to help you with those middle of the night feedings. When it comes to a dresser and changing table, you can probably get away with one of each in the beginning. Eventually, two dresser will be needed when clothes start taking up more room! Take a good look at your space as well. You may need to make adjustments when choosing a room for a nursery.

Don’t forget high chairs, car seats, and all that jazz!

You are definitely going to need two high chairs now! The same goes for car seats, of course, and bouncy chairs. Add a double stroller to the list so that your twins can head out on the town together.  And yes, you will probably need twice the clothes, since young babies have a way of going through outfits pretty quickly.


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