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With the holiday season just around the corner, first-time moms tend to draw a blank when asked by relatives and friends what they need in terms of gifts for the baby. While this question appears simple, new mothers may have a difficult time identifying exactly what the baby needs when it comes to holiday presents.

First-time moms often find themselves with an over-abundance of small items such as newborn sized clothing and extra small diapers that no longer fit the baby. Toys are also an ever-growing issue. Gifts from showers often include newborn toys and stuffed animals that can take over the baby’s nursery in no time.

An excellent gadget for new moms is a baby monitor. These monitors help ensure the mother that their infant is safe while sleeping in the crib as well as monitor the baby’s safety. While some models may be expensive, this type of gift would be perfect as a group gift.

Strollers and bouncing chairs are also great ideas for first-time moms. Larger gift items such as the stroller may be bought as a group gift due to the cost. Bouncing chairs are wonderful for pacifying the baby while mom tends to neglected tasks that had to be put on hold, such as cleaning and laundry.

Certain items are essential to keep in stock for the baby such as diapers and wipes. One of the best gifts a young mother can receive is diapers of varying sizes. Even though the infant may be small in the beginning, larger diapers will be needed as the baby grows. A gift of wipes are always appreciated and welcomed by the first-time mom.

Another great idea for a holiday gift for the baby is a portable travel crib. A portable travel crib is lightweight, easy to fold and unfold, comfortable and convenient for travel and visits. While this item tends to be pricey, it is an excellent idea for a group to purchase.

Bibs, bottles, pacifiers and blankets are smaller items that are always in demand for a first-time mom. Bottles of assorted sizes are ideal for breast milk and formula. For mothers who breastfeed, a breast pump is a welcomed present, especially if it’s getting near time to return to work.

The amount of holiday gift ideas for babies is endless. First-time mothers find many of the items listed above as invaluable for the care of their new addition.


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