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Your baby will be getting stroller-ed about for a good 2-3 years and having the perfect stroller makes that 2-3 years all the more enjoyable.

If you have begun stroller shopping you won’t want to miss out on the ICandy Strollers and ICandy Prams. ICandy is a leading British Pram and Stroller company established in the 1930’s. I guess that means they know their strollers!

iCandy cherry

iCandy Cherry Bassinet In Fudge
iCandy peach
iCandy Peach StrollerThere are ICandy strollers and ICandy prams for every family’s stroller needs. Here’s a run down of the ICandy Stroller Collections;

iCandy Cherry Bassinet
: Perfect for your newborn, it has  padded mattress, reclines to a lie down position and comes in both liquorice or fudge color.

iCandy Peach Stroller
: A stroller system that folds with one hand and can be adapted into a double stroller.

iCandy Apple : The Icandy apple stroller system is made of a lightweight aluminium frame. It’s seating unit is both forward and rearward facing, and this Icandy stroller has all round suspension.

iCandy pear : iCandy pear is a unique, stylish modular baby travel system with over twenty practical combinations for either twins or a newborn and older child.

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I Candy Stroller Pear

I Candy Stroller Pear



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