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How can I prepare my baby not to be scared on Halloween?

Halloween is the one time of year where monsters and ghouls lurk behind every corner. While some children find this holiday fun, many others find it terrifying. With so many older children being scared of costumes, it only makes sense that babies would be skittish too. Fortunately, parents can help prepare their child for a happy holiday by following a few simple steps.

Don’t wear anything too scary.

Most elementary schools have a rule that children must wear friendly costumes on Halloween so others don’t get scared. While babies are too young to attend school, the same basic principle applies. Parents can explain to their other children that while October is a time for costumes, their younger sibling may get upset if the outfit is too scary. This doesn’t mean that they can’t dress up at all, but costumes should be friendly, such as a superhero or princess.

Explain to the child that costumes are just pretend.

For parents who have toddlers, sit down with the child a few weeks before the 31st and explain that the costumes they’ll be seeing aren’t real. Continue to remind the child of this as the holiday approached. By giving lots of advanced notice, parents help prepare their child for the big night.

If the child is too young to understand what the parent is saying, allow the infant to play with a scary mask. Parents should talk to the baby in a reassuring manner during all this so they don’t get scared. Once the child feels comfortable with the mask, parents can try putting it on while continuing to talk to the baby in a happy tone. Parents can also play peekaboo with the mask so the child realizes the costume is just a silly hiding game.

 Don’t spend all night trick or treating with siblings.

Most parents take their babies out trick or treating at night with their siblings or friends. This is fine for older kids, but younger children should only be allowed to go trick or treating during daylight hours. Once the sun goes down, older kids will be roaming the neighborhood looking for candy. While not all these kids may be wearing scary costumes, the majority will be and this can be very frightening to a baby. By going trick or treating during daylight, children are less likely to run into older kids dressed as monster.

halloween, children

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