Breastfeeding Tips – Working Moms

This week’s breastfeeding tips by Sara Chana (international board-certified lactation consultant) are to help working moms who plan to breastfeed.

Working Moms Do’s and Don’ts:
• Do assure that the breastfeeding is well established before the introduction of the bottle, if that has become your choice for getting back to work.
• Don’t introduce a bottle before six weeks. If possible, wait until eight to ten weeks. Most babies take a minimum of six weeks to learn how to master and become a professional on the breast.
• Don’t worry that your baby will not be able to learn to take the bottle. A baby who is nursing well and truly being satisfied on the breast, will be able to figure out and learn how to take a bottle in the mothers absence.
• Do make someone else introduce the bottle to your baby. It is better for someone other than the mother to introduce the bottle so that the baby identifies the bottle only with another caregiver and not with the mother.

Visit Sara Chana’s website for more great tips.

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