baby seat bumbo

We Love the Baby Bumbo Seat

With such a large gap between our three big kids and baby Ryanne, everyday I see new baby items that just blow me away.

baby seat bumbo

Bumbo Baby Seat in Aqua

I have to admit when I first saw the Baby Bumbo seat – I said  “No Way”. It looks well – a little scary don’t you think?

Then Grandma came home with a red Bumbo Seat.(I promise to get some pictures of Ryanne in her Bumbo baby seat soon.) Ryanne at 3 months fits perfectly in this seat. (She has a strong neck.) We are using it for short periods of time and she loves to be on my desk (disclaimer- I have a LARGE desk area and is 100% supervised.)

The Baby Bumbo seat is not meant to be on tables or desks – do so with caution. She loves this chair. I have learned there is also a baby bumbo seat tray that I plan to pick up today. Bumbo Baby Seat Play Tray in Ivory – $11.99 from: Wayfair

The baby Bumbo seat comes in a variety of colours;

Bumbo Baby Seat in Blue
Bumbo Baby Seat in Lilac
Bumbo Baby Seat in Lime
Bumbo Baby Seat in Pink
Bumbo Baby Seat in Aqua

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  1. Erika



    I’ve got one of these in Aqua and my kid loves it 🙂

  2. Colin Webb



    Great to hear you like this product. We considered getting one but really just couldn’t get behind it and had the same similar thoughts as you. I am going to revisit that product thanks to your thoughts.

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