Baby Stuff Review – Jammy Jams Baby Lullaby CD’s

Oh nap time was sweet today. As Baby Ryanne slumbered softly, I puttered around the room putting things away and listened to Jammy Jam’s Goo Goo Ga Ga lullaby renditions of Lady Ga Ga.

Baby Lullaby Music Lady Ga Ga

Music is a part of our bedtime routine and to this day Abbie (aged eight) still drifts off to sleep listening to soft music; lullabies, classical, or nature sounds. The nice thing about Jammy Jams Lullaby CD’s is that everyone enjoys them. Don’t get me wrong I love traditional lullabies but this is a nice change!

Jammy Jams baby music is performed by Tim Phillips and Jeff Bradford using vibraphone, marimba, xylophone, piano, and blocks and They have provided a copy of Once Upon a Rhyme for one lucky Her Baby Stuff reader! Watch for the contest to go live this week!

You can listen to samples of all the baby music on the Goo Goo Ga Ga CD here and download one or all from just .99 each  Download a few for your Iphone or Ipod to help get baby to sleep when you are on the go!

Here’s a list of the CD songs:
1) Born this way
2) Bad Romance
3) Poker Face
4) Just Dance
5) Alejandro
6) Paparazzi
7) Telephone
8) Monster
9) Love Game
10) Paper Gangsta
*all songs originally performed by Lady Ga Ga. The CD contains no lyrics – only soothing music.

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