baby shower gift ideas

Baby shower gift ideas

If you are heading to a baby shower and need some baby shower gift ideas, ask the hostess if the parents have made a wishlist. You may think that EVERY baby needs one of those big teeth soothers- but if the parents aren’t the sort of parent who would give their infant a soother you just wasted your money.

If in doubt here are some great baby shower gift ideas:

1) Not sure? Go for onesies, you’re sure to satisfy, because baby onsies are a must-have for newborns. Whether short or long-sleeved, these cute bodysuits can be customized using with the baby’s name.

2) A medium size keepsake box. Find a large keepsake box and place a note in it ‘For keeping baby’s special mementos in the first year.’ If possible be sure to grab a copy of your local paper the day baby was born and put it in along with disposable camera for mom to keep in her diaper bag.

3) Baby’s first year book. Every baby should have a book to record the special days.

4) baby wash clothes, baby socks, fabric bibs (washer safe), and baby gloves. New parents can not have enough of these particular items.

5) Feeding Pillows – If someone has already covered this gift- consider asking the hostess to find out what type of pillow they have and get some covers. Terry cloth covers are absorbent and keep the ‘breastfeeding spills’ under control!

6) Size 1 Diapers. If you want to buy diapers to help the new mom and dad’s budget (and trips to the market) opt for size 1. Newborn diapers are quickly outgrown. Don’t forget the wipes. New parents will go through boxes and boxes of wipes.

7) If the family will be bottle feeding – look for an electric bottle sterilizer. These stay on the counter and are quick and easy. No worrying about what size microwave the new parents have.

8) Rechargeable D batteries and a charger
. It seems EVERYTHING baby takes those big D batteries that have no other use (besides flash lights) and no new mom should have a baby swing with no batteries at 3am when baby is colicky.

9) A spa treatment. Seriously let new mom get pampered. Those first three months she will be sleep deprived and if she has other kids at home she may not even have time to take a shower. A pedicure can be done while holding baby …..

10) Handmade items. Locate a one of a kind handmade item – baby blanket, knitted booties & jacket set, crib sheets, bibs. These items can be found at the local farmers market or on if you are either not creative or don’t have time to be creative on your own….

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  1. Jessi W



    These ideas are really helpful and unique. It has been my problem whenever I got invited on a baby shower. I thought gifts should be for babies only. Yeah it’s a great idea to give gifts to a new mom too.

  2. Shella Carter



    Hmm, I never thought of a Spa treatment as a gift before. We’ll i guess those are very cool suggestions. I might use it in the future.

  3. Baby shower gift ideas | Her Baby Stuff great ideas for this world!

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