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Baby Bjorn Original Baby Carrier

There’s something to be said for classics. When you think baby carriers most of us will think
Baby Bjorn Original Carrier. When we picture an infant carrier we likely picture the classic blue
Baby Bjorn Original Carrier.

In my office/nursery – there it is, slung over the side of the playpen waiting for Ryanne to be carted about as this busy mom runs around multitasking.

I will post some coupon codes as soon as I can find some, in the mean time you can expect this infant carrier to cost about $79 US plus shipping on most online baby shops.


  1. Jane Watson



    The video is so touching, many dad will surely love to carry their babies using this carrier. Your baby will feel very comfortable even when mom is not around. I better buy this one and let my husband carries our baby using Baby Bjorn Original Carrier.

  2. Collie J.



    I bought the Baby Bjorn Original Carrier last week and it’s really awesome to have this kind of carrier. I’m glad I found this carrier. My baby has never felt comfortable like before.

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