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Angry Birds infant Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner and if you are an angry bird fan you might just want to check out these angry bird Halloween costumes for your baby.

A little secret – my infant nickname was ‘birdie’ so I know if I dress up our new little one in one of these my parents would be pleased as punch to share the little birdie stories with my children. These little infant sized Angry Bird Halloween costumes come in a few different styles and colours.

Best of all, Costume craze has a 20% off coupon on all of their infant Halloween costumes including the Angry Bird costumes.

Get 20% off at Costume Craze! (coupon code: TAKE20)

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  1. Hawks Fan



    Oh Angry birds have been my kids favorite ever since the game was launched on the internet. Yes, since Halloween is near, I might buy this Angry birds costumes. It’s so cute and really angry :X

  2. Josh Lacquer



    Angry birds are so cute. I wonder what would kids look like if they wear them on the Halloween. I prefer the red and yellow angry birds.

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