How Do You Celebrate the Holidays with Your baby?

Somehow the holidays seem much more fun when a baby is involved. It isn’t hard to feel the happy holiday spirit when you have a curious child around. Pulling out all those decorations and festive clothing isn’t such a dreaded chore, but an exciting adventure for the kids. How do you celebrate the holidays with […]

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Explain Santa or Not

Do You Explain Santa or Not?

Christmas has always been my favorite time of year, and no other holiday compares to it. Not mainly because of all the gifts, but because of the family getting together, great Charlie Brown cartoons, and putting up the tree. Yes I still watch Charley Brown even though I have seen it over 40 times. It […]

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Your Body after Baby

Your Body after Baby – What to Expect

  This is something else that no one tells you when you make the decision to have a baby. Maybe people are just too embarrassed to admit the gory details, or they are afraid that we would never want to have a baby. A woman’s body can do amazing things, and sometimes those things involve […]

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What You Need to Know About Parenting and Family Judgment

Parenting has been done for centuries and there will always be someone who feels that they can do it better than someone else. It is great when our kids tell us that we are the best mom or dad, and it is pretty impressive when our in-laws notice our great parenting skills. Most of all […]

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Mom working at home

To Work or Not To Work-That’s The Question

Becoming a parent is a very demanding job, and sometimes it means that we must make certain sacrifices that we never thought we would make. When I decided that I was ready to become a mom, I never saw myself giving up anything, I just thought I was adding to our family. Thinking that I […]

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Having a Baby

Having an Identity Crisis with Your Baby

It is amazing what kind of obstacles suddenly pops up after you finally give birth. Things that never occurred to you before is now a big issue. People just never tell you about everything that you are in for when you become a parent, and it is virtually impossible to do so anyway. There are […]

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Cool Tips on Deciding on Your Baby’s Name

We all want our babies to have a special name that will make them seem important to others yet meaningful to the rest of the family. Take in consideration that they will become adults and will be known for that name for the rest of their lives, so please choose wisely. No funny rhymes or […]

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School Class

Dealing With Teachers and Your Child

It is so scary leaving your child in the hands of a new teacher who has no idea who your child is. Among the twenty or more students in class, how would they be able to give them each the attention that they need? School can be a scary place not only for your child, […]

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Will You Ever Consider Adoption?

Can you believe that over 100,000 children in the United States are waiting and praying to be adopted? That is a huge number of children available here when people are opting to adopt from other countries. There are a lot of children in need of love no matter where they may live, and the state […]

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Baby Piercing

What is the Point of Baby Piercing?

This is something that many people have different opinions about. Doing it early is preferred by many because the baby will not be so afraid of what is about to happen.  I was eight years old when I got my ears pierced, and I was scared but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it […]

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Veggie Burger

Should You Be Concerned if Your Child Won’t Eat Meat?

People are always under the impression that you must eat meat to get protein and be fully healthy, but that is not the case anymore. There are wonderful alternatives that will serve you just as well as a slab of flesh. We work hard to get our children to try new foods and like it, […]

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love of a child

What Things are You Thankful for When it Comes to Your Child?

Just having a child is a blessing beyond measure. So many people struggle so hard to have one, and it is amazing what joy it brings to a person to be able to share their lives with a child that is a part of themselves. There is nothing like it, and I hope that everyone […]

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