stop kid wetting bed

How to Help Kids Stop Wetting the Bed

Bedwetting is a common problem for kids. Contrary to popular belief, kids do not wet the bed due to laziness or spite and shaming your child will only make the problem worse. Children tend to be just as, if not more so, frustrated with this condition and they feel embarrassed about this problem. It can […]

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hospital bag items

Top 10 Hospital Bag Items for Pregnant Moms

Once you are pregnant, inevitably you will wind up having that glorious baby. Many pregnant moms choose to go to a hospital to deliver their bundle of joy. Discover our top 10 hospital bag items for pregnant moms in order to be as blissfully prepared for labor, delivery, and your hospital stay, as you can […]

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Toddler and Ipad

Why Your 2-Year-Old Doesn’t Need an Ipad

While some of the toddler focused apps on the Ipad have some all the rage, we feel the need to express some concerns about toddlers spending unsupervised time on the Ipad. Discover why your 2-year-old doesn’t need an Ipad. Physical Play Teaches Toddlers Imagination and Problem Solving The interactive screens are fun, colorful, and may […]

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Eat sushi while pregnant

Is It Safe To Eat Sushi While You Are Pregnant?

With all of the cravings that come with pregnancy, knowing what is safe to eat and what is not is crucial to your health and the health of your growing baby. Sushi is a common favorite among pregnant women, probably due to the unique flavors and tastes that come with sushi and sushi only. The […]

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week 29 silhouette

Week 29: How to Prepare for Child Birth

Talk to Mom’s About Birth and Baby Care By Week 29, you really only have roughly 8 weeks left, so you want to make sure you are fully prepared for the baby, right? One of the best things you can do is talk to veteran mom’s about their births. While every baby and birth is […]

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New Mom Essentials

5 New Mom Essentials I Never Knew I Needed

Being a new mom can be both an exciting and difficult time. You will get plenty of people telling you all the things “you need to have.” Yet, many of those things are not truly needed, just recommendations. Here is a list of 5 New Mom Essentials that I Never Knew I Needed. 1. Nursing […]

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Pierce a Baby’s Ears

Is it Cruel to Pierce a Baby’s Ears?

The debate continues as to whether or not parents should be able to decide to have their baby’s ear(s) pierced. In most cases, it tends to be female babies getting their ears pierced, however even Victoria and David Beckham had their son Romeo’s ears pierced when he was only 1 year old. Whether or not […]

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hush baby

Are You Annoyed When Strangers Shush Your Baby?

There are many instances when a stranger, usually another mom, tries to shush someone else’s baby—and it seems that many people are offended by it. In a sense, it is almost like saying “I have the magic touch and can soothe and quiet your baby, when you cannot,” right? I would agree with that statement, […]

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Products to Calm a New Parent’s Nerves

3 Products to Calm a New Parent’s Nerves

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise: being a new parent can be nerve-wracking. You’re getting used to having the baby, the disruption of sleep, the changes in routing – it’s a lot to adjust to right away. You may also be surprised by the amount of anxiety or nervousness you’re feeling. Everyone jokes about those […]

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Can Babies be Potty-Trained at Nine Months?

Can Babies be Potty-Trained at Nine Months?

Oh, the joys of potty training! Whether you’ve done it once or with a minivan full of kids, you know that it takes a lot of work. No two kids are alike, and no two kids will potty train the same, either. Regardless of the method you choose, you’re probably wondering when you should start. […]

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Products to Help your Baby Sleep

5 Must-Have Products to Help your Baby Sleep

Ask any mom of a newborn what they want the most during those first few months and the response will be unanimous. Moms want babies to be good sleepers. Defining good is a little objective, but top descriptors would be sleeping through the night, napping on a predictable schedule, and waking up rested. There are […]

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Things Only a Mom Understands

Five Things Only a Mom Understands

We’ve all read those tender articles from new moms about the extraordinary, life-changing experience motherhood is, right? Those of us who have been there know the truth – for every deeply profound insight learned as a Mom, there are some undeniable and downright funny things we come to terms with as well. Whether you’re Mom […]

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