working at home

Jobs That You Can Do At Home While Taking Care of Your Baby

New parents often have to make a difficult choice. Deciding whether to put your child in daycare to continue working, or leave your job to stay at home can feel like a hopeless situation. On one hand, having a job you go to provides financial security and a way to continue interacting with others. However, […]

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new parents

Things People Do That May Not Be Safe for the Baby

Many new parents don’t realize how fragile newborns are until after their birth. Everything hazardous suddenly becomes magnified. This can create a lot of stress for new parents who instinctively want to protect and shield their baby from harm. However, it is difficult to always be watchful every second of the day. There are times […]

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Finger Foods for Babies

Top Finger Foods for Babies

Babies are adorable but getting them to eat can be a frustrating experience. Some babies are picky eaters while others are chronically colicky. Still others are happy go lucky and will eat anything and everything put in front of them. Introducing solid foods is an important transition for your baby. As their appetite and ability […]

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Baby Shower

What Items Should Be On Your Baby Registry 

A pregnancy offers so much excitement for soon to be parents. As the due date nears, so does the baby shower. Most stores offer a registry option. After you decide on your favorite, it’s time to decide what items should be on your registry. Here are some helpful ideas. Don’t underestimate the need for essentials. […]

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New Parents

Survival Tips for New Parents

Having a baby is an amazing, life changing event. If you are a soon to be new parent, it can be both exciting and scary at the same time. New parents rarely anticipate everything that will need to be completed in time for the birth. When your bundle of joy arrives, it becomes apparent that […]

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Childhood Injuries

Common Childhood Injuries

As a new parent, you are going to hear too much about every terrible thing that could happen to your child. The fact is, no matter how attentive a parent you are, no matter how thoroughly you have baby proofed your home, accidents happen. Each and every injury we describe below has happened to all […]

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Baby Proof

What’s The Deal With Childproofing?

A new baby is a blessing. It isn’t until you bring your child into your house that it finally feels like a home. Unfortunately, your home is also fraught with dangers even the best, most attentive parents can’t protect their child from. Studies show that children between one and four years old and more likely […]

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essential bedtime book

Great Books To Read To Your Baby

Story time with your baby is one of the most precious moments of the day. Reading to your child reinforces intimacy, assists in their developing language skills and soothes them to sleep through the rhythm of your voice. Now all you have to do is develop the best personal library for your baby’s favorite time […]

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Pets Around Your Baby

Should You Have Pets Around Your Baby?

It is a big emotional struggle when you bring a newborn into the house. How do you explain to your furry friend that the baby is not a chew toy? Or an adversary? How do you keep your baby safe and would it be better to simply keep a your pet out of the house […]

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Child Friendly Places For a Fun Vacation

Child Friendly Places For a Fun Vacation

Vacations with your children are all about making memories and spending quality time together as a family. When you have invested so much time, effort and money, you would also like to ensure that your vacation destination will be appropriate for your children as well as take a load of your shoulders. No matter if […]

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Traveling With a Baby

Items That Are Needed When Traveling With a Baby

Traveling with children can be quite an ordeal. Things have changed so much in the world that it has caused traveling to be an even worse of a pain. Now we must be prepared and take even more stuff when it comes to keeping our children safe and happy while traveling. If you are breastfeeding, […]

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Potty Training

Is Your Child Still Having Potty Issues?

Potty training can be one of the most stressful parts of being a parent in my opinion. They say that it only takes a few days to train your child, but I think that it will take a longer time for that child to be able to consistently do the job as thoroughly as we […]

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