To Old To Have a Baby

How Old is Too Old to Have a Baby?

This particular subject is dear to my heart because I was 40 years old when I was ready to have my first child. It never even occurred to me that it was too old. This was something that I planned in my 20s. I used my 20s and 30s to work on my career and […]

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Baby Poop

What the Color of Your Child’s Stool Can Tell You

Stool seems to be the main topic of discussion once you have a child, probably because you are constantly dealing with it every day. From changing diapers to potty training, you are up to your elbows in feces for at least the first 18 years of your child’s life. Who are we kidding; boys are […]

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Baby Nose

Got Crusties? Learn How to Keep Your Baby’s Nose Clean

Having the dreaded white trails hanging all over your baby’s nose is not cute. It fascinates me how many people deal with this same problem. Different cultures handle it in their own different ways and it can be quite amusing. I just happen to be watching a movie about babies growing up in different countries […]

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Clothes for Babies

How to Choose the Perfect Infant Wardrobe

I find it to be so much fun to pick out little clothes for my baby. If you have the ability to make them yourself that is even better because you can design things perfectly as you want them. My mother made my clothes when I was young and sometimes they were pretty cute, and […]

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Managing Baby Hair

Best Ways to Take Care of Your Baby’s Hair

The hair on a baby’s head is very soft and delicate, and sometimes requires special care. Many babies are born with no hair at all and will save you some time on their daily hygiene. I love the smell of a baby’s head, and thankfully they are fresh and new with no chemicals added yet. […]

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Talk With Your Baby

Baby Talk, is it Really Necessary?

Some people make a habit of talking babble to their babies. It seems to be entertaining to the baby but is it beneficial? Babies have their own special way of communication and it is up to the parents to nurture those aspects to help the baby to develop clear spoken language. The question is about […]

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Water Birth

The Different Ways to Bring a Baby into the World

Every one of us is different and unique with special qualities that give us distinction from one another. No one person will do things exactly the same no matter how hard they may try. Keeping that in mind, it is only right that everyone gets to decide how they would like to have a baby. […]

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Gadgets for Babies

Clever Ways to Keep Your Baby Entertained

Playing with your baby can be such fun, but sometimes you need a break. When you have exhausted all of your tricks and energy you need a bit of help to keep your baby occupied. You are already the cook, the maid, and the chauffeur, so being the constant source of entertainment for your baby […]

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Cleaning Teeth

How to Take Care of Baby Teeth

When I was growing up my mother didn’t take me to a dentist until I had a tooth ache.  I never knew what a cleaning was until I was an adult. I hated brushing my teeth and got away with not brushing as much as I could. My baby teeth rotted out and I have […]

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Baby Face

What Do All Those Cute Expressions Mean?

  Babies can be pretty expressive in their own way. The look on their faces can make you wonder what is really going on in their cute little heads.  Many of the faces have become well known and understood, but others can be downright confusing. What do all those cute expressions mean? Here is my […]

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Co-Sleeper Bed

Should Parents Co-Sleep or Not?

In many parts of the world, having the entire family sleep in close quarters is the norm. The idea of not doing it is unheard of. Here in America there are many who have practiced it because they had no choice and some who choose to do it to keep their children safe. I’m sure […]

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Daycare Centers

Choosing the Perfect Daycare for Your Child

  After all the hard work of taking good care of your child and keeping them safe, it is very hard to let go and leave them in the hands of strangers. In the old days, there were always grandparents or relatives that were willing to pitch in and help out when you needed a […]

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