Strategies for Better Baby Sleep

3 Strategies for Better Baby Sleep

Everyone’s dream baby is one that sleeps for several hours straight every night. But that’s not generally the reality. Here are three strategies for better baby sleep for both the baby’s sake and your sake. Strategy 1: Soothing Your Baby to Sleep One of the keys to this strategy is to use a consistent schedule […]

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Safe bath

5 Tips for Safe Bathing

Bath time can be one of the most wonderful and most stressful times of the day. On one hand, you can snap adorable pictures, play in the warm water, and get your baby squeaky clean again. On the other hand, you need to be aware of water safety with your child. Read on to discover […]

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Scared Baby

How to Handle Strangers Trying to Touch Your Baby

People are drawn to babies. Obviously your baby is the cutest and even people you don’t know will want to touch them to get in on the cute-baby action. However, sometimes we parents aren’t particularly comfortable with that. Discover how to handle strangers trying to touch your baby in several different and effective ways. Be […]

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Breastfeeding Gadgets to Make Your Life Easier

Breastfeeding is touted as this incredible and natural thing, and it is, but sometimes we moms need or would appreciate some help in this arena. Discover these amazing breastfeeding gadgets to make your life easier and breastfeeding more enjoyable. We would recommend that you consult with a lactation specialist before trying any of these wonderful […]

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Daycare Center

5 Signs of Bad Childcare

Childcare is one of your biggest, and hardest, decisions you have to face as a parent. You hear horror stories of bad daycare all the time. Therefore, it pays to be picky in order to ensure your child’s safety and enrichment. Around six months before you need daycare start looking for daycare and keep these […]

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Child Care

Childcare Options: Pros, Cons, and Costs

One of the most challenging aspects of parenting is finding quality childcare. If you plan on being a working parent, we would recommend thinking about childcare as early as your second trimester so that you have the time to make the appropriate decision for your family. There are many different kids of childcare for you […]

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Safe bath

5 Bathroom Safety Tips for Babies

Believe it or not, your bathroom can be a dangerous place for your baby. That said, it’s easy to baby-proof this small but important place in your home. Here are five bathroom safety tips for babies. Clear out dangerous items Remove sharp objects such as razors, scissors and nail clippers. Other dangerous items include electrical […]

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How to Protect Your Baby from SIDS

Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is a much-dreaded syndrome in which a baby between one month and one year of age suddenly dies for no reason, generally in his sleep. Although it may seem hard to believe that SIDS is a real threat, statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)show that SIDS […]

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5 Risks of Using Antidepressants While Pregnant

There are more risks than benefits associated with using antidepressants during your pregnancy. There has been multiple studies conducted which all concluded that using SSRI (antidepressants) during pregnancy increased the risk of miscarriage, premature birth and a few other health issues that can be prevented. Proceed with caution with antidepressants and pregnancy. Here are five […]

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Baby playing

Most Dangerous Toys for Your Baby

Sometimes even the most innocent looking toy can be dangerous. For example, adorable dolls with bows and buttons that come off easily could potentially present a choking hazard. The material inside of glow bracelets can be toxic if your child manages to sink her teeth into it. So how can you find out which toys […]

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New Parents

10 Mistakes New Parents Make in the First Year

As a new parent, you’ll encounter surprises every single day. And along the way, you’ll make your share of mistakes in handling them. But knowing these ten mistakes new parents make in the first year can help you avoid them. Listening to other people As a new mother, it’s tempting to listen to anyone and […]

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Baby eating

9 Must-Know Tips for Starting Solid Foods

Although all babies mature at different rates, most babies are developmentally ready to start on solid foodsat 4 to 6 months of age. Here’s what to look for in deciding if your baby is ready to try solids: She can sit up and hold up her neck and head. She weighs twice what she did […]

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