Boy's First Haircut

The First Haircut

Regardless of when a baby’s first haircut occurs (at 6 months or 2 years), it is a big occasion for parents and, potentially, a scary one for children. Just as the age a child is when he or she gets his or her first haircut varies, so do kids’ temperaments. A first haircut may elicit […]

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Portrait Of Eat Smeared Baby Eating Birthday Cake

Baby’s First Birthday!

To celebrate the first birthday of your baby with a great party is one of the highlights of being a parent. A birthday is an opportunity to see how much your baby has grown and developed over the past year, and to take in the experiences that you’ve had together since their birth. Here are […]

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Happy Asian family isolated on white. Three generations Asian fa

Mother’s Day!

Starting Your Own Mother’s Day Tradition Being a mom is an exhausting full-time job, especially when you’re a new mom. Mother’s Day is supposed to be a day to honor you, but the thought of having to clean up the house and cook for guests may be overwhelming. Start a different kind of special family […]

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Fun with soap bubbles on the floor.

Finding a Babysitter

Being a parent is one of the most challenging things you will ever experience in your life, which is why once in a while you will need a night off. Every mother needs a night to have an adult conversation, a dinner out with her friends, a date night, or just a chance to go […]

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Colorful easter eggs isolated on white background

Easter Decorations

New Moms Decorate and Celebrate Easter Decorating for Easter can be such fun for babies and toddlers, but in many ways, it can be just as much fun for new moms. However, be safe and examine fabrics, paint supplies and small toys before using them. Now, let’s get on with the merriment, shall we?Fireplace Garland […]

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Easter Baby Smirk Lay

Baby’s First Easter

New moms know how much fun it is to celebrate every one of their baby’s “firsts.” Besides the all-important ones like their first tooth or their first word, there’s also that special experience of making your baby a part of your family’s holiday traditions for the very first time. Easter can be a very special […]

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Baby Learning To Play Piano With Mother

The Musical Baby

For new moms, the amount of information available on your baby’s growth and development is wonderful. Sometimes, it is even too much information. Some mommies out there have already got their infants in swim classes, Chinese lessons and music classes. What good can a baby truly gain from all these good intentions? Music There is […]

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Sleeping Newborn Baby Wearing Pajamas

Picture Perfect

You probably already know by now that two or more people can take the same photo and each one will turn out different from the others. Some people just seem to work effortless magic behind the lense. If you’re a new mom, you may be wishing that you were one of them so that the […]

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A cute young boy baby playing inside home with colorful toys

Encouraging Crawling and Movement

As a new mom, you naturally want to make sure your baby receives the best possible start in life, especially concerning their health and proper development. Although babies spend lots of time sleeping, they also need plenty of time to be active. The more they’re allowed to roam freely, under your supervision of course, the […]

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baby food

Top 10 Best Foods for Your Baby

Most babies can begin eating solid foods around the age of six months. However, it is a good idea to check with your baby’s pediatrician before starting him or her on solid foods. Good nutrition is one of the key things that will keep your baby healthy. Below are 10 of the best starter foods […]

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Closeup of 6 Month Old Little Baby African American Boy Sleeping


While busy moms may love the opportunity for a nap, unfortunately their little ones don’t always feel the same way. There is just too much going on in their world to take time out for sleep! The good news is that there are steps a mom can take to help foster sleep habits in their […]

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Baby Acne On Newborn

Baby Acne & Cradle Cap

Sensitive Skin Having a new baby is a wonderful experience for new mothers, but involves a few challenges when learning about medical conditions that affect infants. Many newborns develop problems with their sensitive skin such as rashes or bumps that might create mild discomfort that leads to fussiness. Mothers want to find ways to prevent […]

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